Veggie Ramen



1/4 of a chinese cabbage (180g)
1 teaspoon hot chilly sauce
20g shelled walnuts
1 tablespoon miso paste
300g mixed green veg, such as green beans, tenderstem broccoli, mange tout
150g brown rice noodles
sesame oil
2 large eggs

1/2-1 fresh red chillies


Put 1 litre of water on to boil in a large pan with a pinch of sea salt. Cut yourself a lengthways quarter wedge of Chinese cabbage. Very finely slice the top leafy hair then mix and scrunch it really well with the chilly sauce and the juice from 1 lime to make a great chest’s kimchee.

Cut the bottom part of the cabbage wedge in half through the stalk. Crush the walnuts in a pestle and mortar until fine, then muddle in the miso paste and put aside. Trim just the stalks off the green beans and place the beans in the boiling water.

Trim the ends off the broccoli, then add to the water with the mangetout and cabbage chunks, as well as the noodles to cook according to the packet instructions. Pop the lid on until the veg are just cooked through but still vibrant in color and the noodles are tender.

Meanwhile, put a non-stick frying pan on a medium heat with l teaspoon of sesame oil, crack in the eggs and cover with a lid to set them on top while they fry to your liking. Use a slotted spoon to divide the veg and noodles between your bowls.

Mix the walnut miss into the greens water, bring to the boil, and spoon over the veg. Divide up the kimchee, then top with the eggs and a sprinkling of fresh chilli. Serve with lime wedges for squeezing over and tuck right in.

From Jamie Oliver Everyday SuperFood


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